St Eloi, Llandeloy

05th March 2012
As I mentioned in a previous blog entry, I have been quite inspired recently by the work of the Friends of the Friendless Churches charity. As a result I have visited a number of their churches over the past couple of weeks however I have been rather busy with other things, I have been quite slow in processing the images.

In an attempt to catch up a bit – here are some images from an absolutely stunning church in Pembrokeshire – St Eloi at Llandeloy.

This church appears to have been originally built in the twelfth century, but by the start of the twentieth century it was practically a ruin. In the 1920s the incumbent Reverend J Lloyd commissioned a complete rebuild of the church and the architect John Coats Carter was engaged to create the wonderful Arts and Crafts interior. The work was completed between 1925 and 1926 and includes some fantastic craftsmanship in the intricate rood loft screen and reredos. St Eloi is a truly stunning place and a real joy to spend time in.

On the day I visited the weather was just lovely – unfortunately, the bright sun led to very contrasty conditions inside the church. Yet again I feel my images are a little too processed, but I guess this is just the excuse I need to go again on a less sunny day. However I hope the images below give a good impression of the fabulous architecture of this wonderful building.