Ruins of Detroit in London

16th April 2012
Last week I finally received the fabulous book by Yves Marchand and Romain Meffe called ‘The Ruins of Detroit’. Although its taken a couple of months to arrive from Amazon it is absolutely worth the wait and the record of the dereliction of inner city Detroit is amazing. Its quite hard to believe that a whole sections of such a historically important city could just be abandoned and left as though the inhabitants have just popped out for the day and just didn’t come back. But even more interesting for me were the images showing how the police offices were just left, with evidence and records just discarded. Some of the images can be seen in this Guardian photo gallery:

But as these things often seem to work out, just as I find out about this body of work I discovered that some of the images are actually currently on show in an exhibition at the Wilmotte Gallery in London. The exhibition is only on until the 27th April, and as I was determined to go and see it but my only opportunity was last Friday, I had to brave the experience that is a Megabus journey. Still this too was worth it, as to see some of the images on a massive scale was great – the amount of detail in each shot had to be seen to be believed. Its well worth a visit if you can get there, but if not – there is a review on

Although I didn’t have much time after visiting the exhibition, I did take a trip to see the new (at least to me) architecture at St Pancreas and Kings Cross train stations. I was bowled over by the change in Kings Cross since I used to use it (many years ago now) and although I only had my phone with me I had to take a few photos.